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Evolution - survival of the fatest

Evolution? Survival of the fittest, bollocks survival of the fattest more like. I have never in my life seen so many lazy animals on one island. Sealions asleep in the hotels, giant tortoises too tired to lift their head off the ground let alone put it away. Boobies, pelicans and herons in the fish market, in it. Now that's evolving to suit your environment. And Lonesome George most famousist of all tortoise's butt sticking out from a bush.

South Pacific

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Specifically speaking


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If in doubt

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Leave a note

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I'll get right on it

Pelican Jack and Pelican Jill

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To lazy to go up the hill

Do not disturb

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Evovled to eat McMerde

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Ketchup stains don't show


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Neptune prods the Pollywogs

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Crossing the equator

Too Shagged

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to lift its head.

Meat Pie on Legs

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Mobile coffee table

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Lonesome George

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His arse anyway

Land Iguana

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Meat Pie Stand

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Yew startin like?

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Queing for the bus

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Didn't pinch it honest

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Crossing the Line

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Evolved to its habitiat

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This is the fish market

Fish market closes

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Heron leaves

After skool dip

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Woke a sealion up

Chisel coming in

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Arf Arf Arf

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Chisel in the dawn

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Aproaching santa cruz

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Sealion rest area

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Evolved to be camoflaged

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Blue footed boobie

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Crab for dinner again

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He did manage to eat it too.


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