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$30 Spinnaker Bag

“Pole Back” “hoist” “MADE” “sheet on” Spinnaker bag floats down forlornly to droop in the water, Adagio for Strings plays as the owner tearfully watches another bag sink beneath the waves.

Obviously I’ve never done this myself*, but I’ve seen it happen more often than Wild Oats gets protested.

My solution is Ebay Laundry bags $24.80 inc postage. They have a strap on the bottom for a tie down string, have tabs around the top to which you can attach clips for the corners, or velcro cable ties (jaycar) can be colour coded to your spinnaker and are reversible for that special crew member who puts their underpants on the outside.

Spinnaker Bags

The picture is of Shaw Things Spinnakers, don’t be fooled, my boat maybe small, my spinnakers are not. I recon these are good for up to about 35fters.

The Skipper of Churchkey and his 1M (1st Mutineer) have decreed that it’s a carton for anyone who doesn’t tie them on. I shall be proposing this as a club rule at the AGM.

I sound like Practical Boat Owner, which is worrying soon I’ll have adenoids buy a 4 knot shit box with a junk rig.

Tom (*Innocent until proven guilty in the court of public opinion)

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