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Quote: the pacific ocean is really big, you just won't believe how vastly hugely mind boggling big it is. I mean you may think its a long way down the street to the chemist but that's just peanuts compared with the Pacific. - Tom's misquote of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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Here you will find stuff on Tom's travels, with empasis on video, pictures and PC Desktop wallpapers.

I'm a sailor and WiFi specialist, so you'll find technical stuff here too.

Social Distancing is ot hard

OK I am in the UK.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist - OK I am a conspiracy theorist, I'm just assuming that the deep state is lazy and doesn't bother with this site.

I'm at Heathrow - the place if fucked the COVID test centre (which I may or may not need) employs:

  • two people to PUSH the queue along. IE CLOSER together.
  • a receptionist who pulls his mask down to talk to people.
  • a wide variety of people who mooch around indoors blocking doorways and breathing on people.

Heathrow employs people who push old ladies in wheelchairs literally right into you. I had placed 2 a class catamaran sails between me and the follower in the queue and he pushed her passed them.


Position: 51° 28.1' N, 0° 27.2' W

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